Ai is taking over.

But not like in the TERMINATOR movie with Sara Connor! Don’t worry, you still have time to take advantage of it as soon as you begin to become familiar with these apps. I won’t insult your intelligence by explaining how to sign up for the following software or apps, so feel free to explore. Use these tools ASAP! Personally, I’ll begin with Quillbot, immediately blew my mind by suggesting that I rewrite my original thought in a better, much more fluent way not just now but yesterday as well. Here is an example from my last article: Chat GPT Why Now?

It works just like Grammarly, and I love this type of AI because language is one of many ways to learn about or connect with other cultures across the globe.

Now if what you want its to become super human take a look at the ones below & let me know which one is you favorite or if you have one I might not know about that could be useful to add to the robot family ??

What are your thoughts? Please don’t summarize them with AI tools like I seen some people do on Twitter. There isn’t much to say except to go exploring. To be honest, it gives me faith in humanity; after all, isn’t exploration what humans are all about?

During deep exploration, I realized many of the things any single person wants to achieve come down to a budget, and in 2023, creating products couldn’t be easier thanks to a wide variety of tools to pick from.

Back in 2017 and early 2018, before all the hype, I was very interested in writing a book to explain cryptocurrency to adults. Things change rapidly and surprise, surprise, it happened! My son was born, & the budget + time necessary to make this happen became his budget. ? Makes me really happy he has grown so fast, he went to NFT.NYC in 2022 and he was really interested thanks to so much involvement in art, fashion & development. Now he creates art and just turned 5. Finally he could give his opinion in regards to what he likes most and what not. I honestly can’t wait to keep working on making our NFT Book for children his age. It will be an interesting & rewarding experience to see what type of book we could make together!

Me and Nathiel with his mommy

One of the most popular ways to use AI is not to have it write for you but to get insights into what information is most relevant. Here is an example of how this is helping spark ideas to help gear up the search:

From here on, I will ask my son which way we should go based on the ai suggestions. Kids have wild imaginations, it will certainly be a something strange & magical.

Midjourney was used to create the four images below! Feel free to copy and paste the prompt if you want to start designing something similar. The best way to experiment is to be involved with the community on Discord, learn from what others are doing, and improve upon it.
Honestly , I should have watched it first before starting the project because the trial had expired.

Children’s Book Cover prompt by SoundDrGenie

Create a book cover for a children’s book with the artistic style of the most popular image searched from artist Banksy, make the book cover render in Blender style, focus on pixar like image for age between 5 and 10 years old’s, add rainbow unicorn like pony, cyberpunk feel with minimal neon feel and volumetric lightning, 8k –ar 6:9