Chat GPT, why now?

There is not doub we will be using this technology to make money but most youtubers are just selling pipe dream and click bait content to gullible folks. As I write this there is a bot that analyzes and highlights where I make orthographic mistakes, for which I’m grateful because English is not my first language. I believe every person in the world has a connection to technology in a way or another. For example in hospitals machines keep us alive & in our military, soldiers with mechanical limbs are just few things we had been connected for years without thinking about it.

Prime example:

Unfortunately the part where they will take our jobs is what most people is afraid of and it is sad for older generations which won’t be able to understand most of it. Yet in brings hope to newer generations who will benefit from our current exploration in this field and centairly won’t be from how to become a millionaire by having AI do Youtube thumbnails. Totally possible by the way! ?

Youtuber @KamikazeCash starts to burn all the click baiters who are selling nothing but clicks to the HOTTEST topic on the Internet right now: ChatGPT

After watching I though it was hilarious how all this cliches he mentioned are totally truth. I seem all the videos from them & there is some good tips but totally clickbait. Would you blame them for chasing the Youtube clout and information for the gullible average viewer?

Personally I will be using Chat GPT to learn how to code because it does wonders if trained properly! The trick to use this tool is the PROMPTS you need to enter and there is people making money by selling this and to be honest is smart way to sell. This people are selling shovel’s to their audiences but not really digging for the real gold and trust me… If they had that killer app, product or hack would they give it away for a few thousand dollars from a video? Let’s be real, tomorrow I will expand on list of AI tools that could help but won’t do the job for you. With this in mind I will certainly use the chat GPT which by the way just came out with a paid version. Check for more info and please stop trying to pimp out the AI for your selfish benefit ? #Ai #chatGPT #Singularity