Bitcoin Cola on WAX

Upgradeable art first series.

Collect COMMON cards to make an UNCOMMON set. To get to the next tier you must sacrifice two of the same series & rarity to the WAX Demigods!

There will only be one hundred & eleven of each. This will make this NFT puzzle extremely rare due to its low supply. Currently the only way to acquired the game is throw community airdrops, the secondary market place its slowly populating.

The objective of this multi-piece came to fruition while wondering about adoption and education. We design this piece to remind the importance of memes, culture & NFTs in 2021. A provocative image inspired by Coca Cola, Bitcoin & the character V for Vendetta encompassing & displaying the BTC blockchain total supply.

Collecting & burning digital cards is fun. There is a maximum 5 rarities to burn, sell, auction or collect with your love ones. Here is the difference between the starter set.

There is 51 uncommon card with 4 styles you could appreciate on the left

Did I mentioned everything here is finite, pre-minted & burnable? Ok, if people HODL
common card it will create scarcity as this ones are required to get better rarities.

I expeculate this one would go much higher on the secondary marketplace not because of its rarity but aesthetics style making it attractive for collectors & high bidder looking to reach the maximum tier

TYPE: Common

People tent to like numbers like 111 222 333 444 555 along other combinations for example
7,11,13, 8, 6,10 etc. For centuries humans tend to give meaning to everything and its natural
some will hodl making the art scarce by nature.

7 is believe to be the number of perfection 8 is linked to infinity because of is shape
13 often related to be a bad omen even building owners omit the number 13 on elevators
10 to the strength of ten men as its use in Football Soccer by the best player of the team &
6 as the unwanted one, the evil one which is a misconception in my honest opinion